A Feast for the Haleiwa Arts

The Annual Summer Arts Festival is one of the most distinct and flamboyant features of Haleiwa living. Each year, the Haleiwa Hawaii town sees more than a hundred juried visual artists come together to present their original works and limited editions to the public, allowing an avenue to efficiently promote the culture and the arts.

During a usual two-day summer event organized by the Haleiwa Arts Festival, a non-profit organization in North Shore, Oahu, artworks ranging from traditional to contemporary are presented. A gamut of creations in oil, acrylic, ceramic, fabric, photography, watercolor, jewelry, sculpture, glass, and other media can be viewed during this time. The artworks are also made available for browsing and direct purchasing from the artists in booths set up at the Haleiwa Beach Park. Regular items include an array of posters, shirts, and even postcards.


As part of the Haleiwa events, performance arts in the form of original music and dance are also expected in the line-up of activities. To keep in line with the organization’s mission, the audience is typically enjoined to participate in these acts. Even local establishments provide promotions in an effort to take part in the once-a-year event. History tours promoting Haleiwa living and culture, and activities tailored for little children are also put up in connection to the event.

An excellent gastronomic experience completes the core of the Haleiwa events as a delectable selection of food and drinks are available throughout the town. Expect to taste scrumptious delicacies served in both casual and fine dining restaurants.


The Haleiwa aims to encourage the public to actively participate in the promotion of education and awareness to arts and culture. In addition, in 2008, the Haleiwa Arts Festival received the North Shore Chamber of Commerce Community Award and Certificate of Recognition from the Hawaii State Legislature. Likewise, their advancement of the arts has seen the group’s unmitigated support to the area schools’ art programs.

The success of their organization’s initiatives has greatly shown how they continue to effectively conduct a celebration of the town’s culture and the arts through a role well-played by its very own community.

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A Feast for the Haleiwa Arts
Haleiwa arts of the north shore Oahu

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