An Island in the Sun of Haleiwa

People have varied reasons why they flock to Sunset Beach in Haleiwa but they surely leave with one common thought: Sunset Beach is breathtakingly beautiful.

Parking and restrooms are conveniently located across the road. The beach is not quite far from it. So you begin your exploration by taking off your shoes and starting to walk on the fine, soft sand. Instantly, you just know how much your feet feel like they have found their home. Of course, that is until you see the ocean seemingly calling and inviting you to play in its midst. The water in Haleiwa is turquoise, clear and pristine that you just know why you can afford a sighting of monk seals a few times of the year.

Prepare to see waves like no other: they are massive and just plain perfect for competitive surfers. While the waves are huge, they are still swimmable and when the odds are in your favor, you just might be able to swim with the turtles. Even during winter, the waves are guaranteed to be excellent in Sunset Beach.
If you prefer a much more laidback experience, lay down a mat, grab a book, or grab something to eat. Watch the waves or observe the surfers. Either way, the sound, the smell of the air and the view will certainly be a feast to the senses.

The stretch of the beach is gorgeous and taking a walk in the late afternoon is ideal. You hear the waves crashing into the shore while looking for a great spot to eventually watch a spectacular sunset.
Being at this part of Haleiwa Hawaii North Shore would often make you feel like you’re at the edge of an alternate universe. Being here would often make you wish you actually lived here- where the only thing that exists is you, the sand on your toes, the waves crashing in and the sunset closing in on your day.
The best thing about being in this island: when the sun sets, you know the sun will rise again. And when that happens, it’s just another day at the beach.

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