Does It Cost A Lot To Get By At Haleiwa?

Haleiwa is a north-facing coastal area of O’ahu in the Waialua District of the O’ahu, City and County of Honolulu. It is identified by the United States Census Bureau as a self-governing city which is locally known for residential grounds and is not a part of any other place. The place is defined by the laws of the state in which it is restrained.
It typically covers commercial property and city land uses. Average home price in this place is 16.5% higher than Haleiwa Hawaii’s average and is 231.9% than that of the National average median home values. Thus, its median home price is $602,100 compared to Hawaii’s $517,000 against $181,400 of the National’s.
When compared to its median rent asked at $1,546 against the Hawaii’s rate at $1,354 and $889 of the National, its median rental rates is 14.2% greater than the Hawaii’s average and is also higher than the National average at 73.9%.
It has also the highest average number of people per household compared to 2.9 of Hawaii and 3 of National. Statistics of the owner occupied also delineates that it has greater percentage than Hawaii and National at 57.25, 58.2% and 65.5%, respectively. The presented percentage of the renter occupied of the place shows that it is greater than Hawaii and National when, it has the percentage of 42.8% compared to 41.8% of Hawaii and 34.5% of the National.
Cost of living is an important factor to sustain a living including expenses to the basic needs such as food, housing, taxes and healthcare. How expensive is it to live in this city? Data shows that Haleiwa living cost is greater than the Hawaii average at 4.6% and is higher than 84.1% of the National average.
Haleiwa, as the largest settlement of the attracting surfers from all over the countries promotes Haleiwa. As a surfing town, during Haleiwa events, surfing competition is its highlight. Since the city is also known for large art museums, the latter is host to Haleiwa events like the flamboyant Arts Festival.

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