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As Anthony J. D’Angelo stated, “without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community”. The Haleiwa living style stands true to this very saying as the Haleiwa HI community is a very close-knit one that supports the betterment and development of the town. With a population of 3,942 in the year 2014, this worldwide surfing capital is situated in the state of Hawaii. Since the year 2000, the population has decreased by a value of -8.83 percent.
For people who are looking to move to this Resort town and planning on purchasing a property, the average home cost in Haleiwa is roughly around $601,400. This value has increased by eight percent since the last year. Whereas, renting a property might cause you to spend around $1,546. This value is 14.2% greater than the state average of Hawaii North Shore by 73.9%. This is because of the high tourist influence in the Haleiwa. When considering the heating methods, the most common is electricity which is followed by solar and finally, utility gas. Fortunately, the unemployment percentage in Haleiwa is 3.8 percent which is 2.5 percent less than the nation-wide average which is 6.3 percent. This is good news for those who consider employment in the city of Haleiwa.

Moving on, the cost of living is quite high in Haleiwa compared to Hawaii. According to certain reports, the cost of living is 4.6% greater than the Hawaii median. This rise is made-up for in the recreation facilities with many sightseeing spots, restaurants, shopping facilities, parks and other entertainment amenities. Since it is a beloved destination for tourists and is renowned worldwide for its surf-worthy beaches and waves, there are many Haleiwa events that entertain the tourists. These Haleiwa events are made even more pleasurable with the year-round sunny weather. Apart from that, if you move to Haleiwa, you will be gifted with the chance to explore many wonderful beaches that make you wish to hang a hammock, fill your mind with the history of Haleiwa in the cultural sites and so many other captivating opportunities. The locals of Haleiwa will be really pleased to welcome another family to their community, so don’t hesitate as the pros of moving to this resort town are numerous.

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Entertaining Haleiwa Living North Shore Oahu
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