Fragments of Haleiwa History of Oahu’s North Shore

The town existed for the last 50 years. We don’t have very big developments; as a result, you will see a lot of the stores and other places that were built in the late 1800s and the early 1900s. This was the home of thousands of people all the way to around 1800s. There are six rivers that come down, and fresh water springs and ponds, and fine places for easy agriculture that made this a very populated area. It is called fat land or bounteous land. Haleiwa HI is a very special place. More than half of the visitors of the island end up coming out here at least for a day trip not only because of the surfing, but because of the historic characteristic of the town.
Here in Haleiwa, there are over 30 historic structures. Mostly what they call vernacular type architecture are everyday sort of shops and places, but there are also some fine examples like the park and the court house and things like that. It’s like a little country town. You might have to walk around in the dirt. It’s really country and that’s what people like about it.
Haleiwa as a town really started with the bringing out of the rail road and the development of the first resort hotel destination in the island in 1899. Haleiwa hotel was a forty-room Victorian style resort hotel that was reached by railroads. The haleiwa was built right at the mouth of the river. Famous and wealthy people from Honolulu would come out of the train and enjoy the rustic charms of the little golf course. They go boating, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, carriage rides, billiards, fine dining, and it was quite a little resort.
Haleiwa built up around the hotel many times by sugar plantation workers who have decided that they want to move on to something else. It was a pretty sleepy place in the 50’s and 60’s until the hippies and the surfers discovered it. And then everyone knows surfing, then it became an international sport, and the town became a popular destination for tourists.

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