From Barren to Fruitful: Haleiwa education

Living in a dynamic world that’s ever changing, we must keep up with it. We must keep up with the modern technologies and all the advancement in health care and other sectors. Education is the stepping stone that guides you through the darkness of illiteracy. Education helps us gain respect in the society. It helps the young buds of Haleiwa make Haleiwa living a safe and peaceful experience. Haleiwa, known as the house of the frigate bird in the Hawaiian language, is the world’s capital for surfing. Blessed is our town because of its value for education. The Hawaii Department of Education is in charge of the public schools in Haleiwa. Out of the 229 public schools located in Hawaii, 2 public schools are situated in Haleiwa. Additionally, there is 1 private school in Haleiwa to provide education for the future leaders of Haleiwa. If we look in deeply, the student to teacher ratio in Haleiwa is 15 to 1 which is better than the Hawaii ratio of 16 to 1. This allows the teachers to pay more attention to the students allowing them to grasp the information quickly. This is good for the teacher and the student as the education process is more relaxed and allows students to clear all their doubts.
In Haleiwa, the percentage of students who have completed 8th Grade is 81.8 percent which is only 7 percent less than the state percentage in Hawaii. Similarly, the percentage of high school graduates is 79.9 percent which is less than the Hawaii percentage by 7.9 percent. Apart from the curricular activities, the schools in Haleiwa also focus on extracurricular activities by allowing everyone to take part in the yearly Haleiwa events. These Haleiwa events help in developing their socioeconomic skills and their social skills. Haleiwa living is exciting because of these events. They are the backbone of the community. Just like the town was built from a bare land, similarly the Haleiwa keeps rising in standard.

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