Haleiwa Catching the Big Wave in the North Shore

On the beautiful day of December 7th, children were witnessed to ride the waves by teaming up with professional surfers from all over Hawaii and other parts of world at Haleiwa Ali’I Beach Park. They included Australian surfer Mick Fanning and local surfers Jamie O’Brien and Sunny Garcia. Even surfing legend Reno Abellira attended the event. Now, these weren’t just regular kids. These kids have a special condition. This day wasn’t any ordinary day. It is known as Haleiwa Experience Day.

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Haleiwa is a great sport to test out the balance skills of any individual. It also teaches a person to be one with nature, most especially the ocean. There is no better way than to interact with Mother Nature than through this fun-filled activity. Two persons could be seen gliding across the water on a single surfboard; laughing, smiling and simply just enjoying the entire day under the rays of the beautiful sun.
These surfers are real experts in what they do. They bring a natural kind of therapy to these youngsters, which is also known as surfing. This is because salt water helps clear out their lungs, making them breathe better. This is important to decrease the amount of congestion that builds up over a certain amount of time.
It’s been 8 years Mauli Ola Foundation has been doing this project to give back to the community. The non-profit organization is comprised of surfers whose passion is to help out children diagnosed with genetic disorders. It is believed that the foundation has helped around 1,300 individuals since 2007.
No one could suspect that these kids had a special condition because they really enjoyed the entire experience. They couldn’t stop smiling and kept on wanting to catch one wave after the other. Imagine how it would feel to be on the same board with one of the best surfers in the world! Not everyone has the chance to do such thing. To the surfers who helped out the kids on that particular day, thank you for bringing smiles to the children’s faces. They forgot what it was like to be out in the open water and just enjoying life and the simple pleasures it gives.

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