Haleiwa: Hawaii’s Most Implausible Paradise

Haleiwa municipal located in O’ahu Island’s Waialua District, Haleiwa is considered as the surfing capital not only in Hawaii but in the world. As a resident, I can testify that the waves in our beaches are huge and enormous enough to attract surfing enthusiasts. Our beaches such as Haleiwa Ali’i Beach Park and Haleiwa Beach Park, are the main charms of our town. In these beaches, there are surfing schools where locals offer lessons to tourists.

Aside from surfing, other water activities are offered in resorts here in Haleiwa. Vacationers can do snorkeling/scuba diving, swimming, stand up paddling, and kayaking. Other than beaches, our town is also rich in other adventures like rock climbing, camping, hiking, and biking. They can also enjoy watching shows at the Polynesian Cultural Center or visit the pineapple farm. Situated at the north end entrance of the town is the renowned Rainbow Bridge. Under it is the Anahulu River. Vacationers can also enjoy its view. Moreover, there are nearby restaurants and shopping malls.

Based on the census, Haleiwa’s total area is 7.7 square kilometers, 5.9 square kilometers of it is land while 1.8 square kilometers of it is water. On the other hand, when it comes to its demographics, there are 3,942 people residing here. 44% of it are below 18 years of age while 58% of it are married (15 years old and above). Residents here are also diverse. 28% are Asian, 30% are Caucasian, and 1% are African American. Some people here can also speak other languages like English (75%) and Spanish (3%).

The economy of Haleiwa is stronger compared to other neighboring towns. The main source of income in our town is empowered by our great tourism. However, the industries here are common industries that provide the basic needs of the locals and the tourists. Housing in Haleiwa, like in other places in Hawaii, is expensive. The average price of houses here is as expensive as half a million dollar.

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