Haleiwa’s Labor Force: Growing or Declining?

After many surveys conducted in Hawaii, 2012 census concluded that the poverty here in Haleiwa has been decreasing. With many factors determining the poverty level, Haleiwa living was proven to be booming and the employment status in our city was considered stable. What are the determinants used to come up with this conclusion?

In the 2012 census, statistics show that the household income in our city has a median of $74,875, a relatively high income compared with Hawaii’s and the whole country’s household income. However, if incomes are compared, owners have higher income than renters. When compared to other places in the whole Haleiwa Hawaii, owners’ income is lower while renter’s income is higher. What do these comparisons mean? Generally speaking, our city earns higher income than other places in Hawaii, making its economy more stable than other cities. Unemployment rate may be somewhat high but its poverty level is still low.
Our city is rich not only in tourist destinations but also in culture. Many Haleiwa and celebrations are attracting travelers. Furthermore, residents are blissful to interact with; that’s why tourists keep on coming. When tourism is strong, many job opportunities and businesses are opening.

Almost all industries growing in Haleiwa are common industries. Like other cities, we focus on construction industry, manufacturing, wholesale and retail services, financial and insurance services, public administration, transportation, warehousing, education and other social services. Industries that require heavy workloads like construction, transportation, and warehousing have more male employees than female. On the other hand, manufacturing, wholesale and retail services, and social services hire more female employees because they are more suitable to these kind of jobs.
Still based on the 2012 census, more male employees are working longer than female employees. Almost 90% of them are working 35 hours plus per week while only around 50% of females are working with the same number of hours. Also, more employed men have higher salary than employed women and the higher portion of the unemployed are women. This only indicates that male contributes more to the economy of the city.

Just because it seems that the employment in our city favors men, it doesn’t mean that the city is gender biased. Responsible fathers are part of the Haleiwa and this could be the reason why there is disparity in the employment data based on gender. Besides, many female volunteers are contributing in our city’s activities especially important Haleiwa events and this can prove that all residents, whether male or female, contribute to the advancement of our city.

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