Haliewa as North Shore’s Biggest Commercial Center

Located on the island’s North Shore, Haleiwa is a town that is considered to be the most commercialized among its neighboring towns. Not only many people are residing here but also many tourists are coming and staying; thus, this town needs to have many commercial establishments to create a convenient Haleiwa. As a resident, I find it so easy to live here since important facilities are all around the corners of our town.
Having accessible commercial centers have been achieved by our town because our government believes that including this to their prioritized projects will maintain the town’s strong tourism. Moreover, these commercial centers give job opportunities to the locals, adding to the strength of the economy of our place. What else are the amenities of the town that make Haleiwa convenient?
Aside from the nearby groceries, shopping malls, restaurants, and coffee shops, Haleiwa also has other amenities that serve the locals and the tourists. Schools and parks are near enough for the ease of parents and their children. Also, there are places for entertainment where people can spend time to enjoy and have fun. 20 public transits are available to easily reach other places within the town.
As per the 2012 census, our town has 4 groceries, 20 shopping malls, 2 coffee shops, and 20 restaurants. There are also 6 parks and 7 schools but no libraries and book shops. There is no place for fitness; however, 15 entertainment places are available. All of these amenities are within a mile from the town proper and are very reachable whether you use the public transit or your own car.
These facilities are very important to the people staying and haleiwa here in our town. Whenever we are conducting important Haleiwa events, some of these establishments, like shopping malls and restaurants, contribute and help the government and the coordinators. There are also times that we celebrate Haleiwa events in these facilities.
Our government aims to have an easy and comfortable lifestyle as they promote our town for tourism and economic aspects. Despite the growing commercial sites in the town, we still preserve its natural beauty and environment which attracts the travelers and makes the tourism and economy strong in the first place.

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