Indulge and Gratify Your Whims at Haleiwa’s Foot Spa

Are you feeling pained after a long day of standing up and walking around? Do your feet seem to swell up? Thinking about going for a foot massage?

There are many traditional healing techniques which concentrate on relaxing the joints and muscles. These therapeutic massage techniques have been practiced for centuries all over the globe. Reflexology for instance, which aims to improve internal organ function by pressing specific pressure points and specific areas of the foot. But, does it really make us relieved and relaxed? One says, you cannot prove it unless you have experienced it.

I found this most recommended review about the only foot massage spa in Haleiwa, the North Shore Massage Spa. The review was made last February 05, 2015 by an account in the name of Mark P. of San Diego, CA which goes:
“Had a great experience here and would wholeheartedly recommend it to others.  Cute storefront off the main road through Haleiwa but a few blocks removed from the tourist shops.  I dropped in on my morning walk-about, shortly after they had opened, and without an appointment.  Jeff, the owner, was really helpful in getting me set up with a therapist within 15-20 minutes.  Debi, my therapist, was great.  Her style was firm yet very relaxing.  She periodically checked in on how I was doing (“just fine, thanks!”) and had a really good sense of when to converse and when to let me float off into bliss. I did the 1 hour with reflexology.  DEFINITELY get the reflexology…very much worth the extra $20.  I could have easily gone for 90 minutes, but had to get home to meet my hubby for lunch.  Hopefully I can convince him to come tomorrow before we have to head back to the mainland.”

The review clearly delineates that aside from what the spa itself offers, they have well- trained, professional massage therapists to handle their customers to provide quality and satisfying services. The very welcoming staffs and crew contribute much to the promotion of the said establishment. Read Haleiwa News for more via The Telegram Oahu news service.

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