Haleiwa Art Festival – A Unique Brush with Art

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June 15, 2015

Located on the North Shore of Oahu, about an hour’s drive away from Waikiki, lies an old settlement devoted to sugar plantation dating back to the 1900s. In 1898, Benjamin Dillingham, a businessman built the first and finest hotel in Oahu and named it Haleiwa. The word is pronounced as hah-lay-EE-wah, meaning house of the frigate bird. Soon after, new businesses were established and boosted the tourism in the area….


The Top Three Highest-Rated Restaurants in Haleiwa according to Yelp

June 7, 2015

No adventure is ever complete without a gastronomic pursuit and discovery especially after basking on a long day at the beach or joining a cultural journey in a Haleiwa vacation. Let me share some restaurants which you absolutely must not miss when in the North Shore: 3rd place: WAIALUA BAKERY & JUICE BAR Offering delightfully fresh and healthy options, not to mention vegetarian and gluten-free, you can’t help but adore…


The Top 3 Restaurants in Haleiwa that Didn’t Make it according to Yelp reviews

May 29, 2015

Haleiwa boasts of a variety of eateries and restaurants that serve the most delectable dishes that would surely tempt the palate. Who wouldn’t be tempted by foods guaranteed to be fresh? Select from seafood, fruits, meat, vegetables and breads, which is all produced by locals. There’s plenty to choose from depending on the kind of dining experience you’re in the mood for. You can try the traditional Hawaiian plate-lunch –…


Haleiwa Catching the Big Wave in the North Shore

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May 28, 2015

On the beautiful day of December 7th, children were witnessed to ride the waves by teaming up with professional surfers from all over Hawaii and other parts of world at Haleiwa Ali’I Beach Park. They included Australian surfer Mick Fanning and local surfers Jamie O’Brien and Sunny Garcia. Even surfing legend Reno Abellira attended the event. Now, these weren’t just regular kids. These kids have a special condition. This day…


From Barren to Fruitful: Haleiwa education

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May 25, 2015

Living in a dynamic world that’s ever changing, we must keep up with it. We must keep up with the modern technologies and all the advancement in health care and other sectors. Education is the stepping stone that guides you through the darkness of illiteracy. Education helps us gain respect in the society. It helps the young buds of Haleiwa make Haleiwa living a safe and peaceful experience. Haleiwa, known…


Haliewa as North Shore’s Biggest Commercial Center

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May 19, 2015

Located on the island’s North Shore, Haleiwa is a town that is considered to be the most commercialized among its neighboring towns. Not only many people are residing here but also many tourists are coming and staying; thus, this town needs to have many commercial establishments to create a convenient Haleiwa. As a resident, I find it so easy to live here since important facilities are all around the corners…


North Shore Oahu Behind the scenes in Haleiwa

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May 17, 2015

Located at Oahu’s North Shore is the rustic but charming town of Haleiwa. More than a hundred years ago, a businessman named Benjamin J. Dillingham built a grand Victorian hotel named Haleiwa, which means house of the Iwa – the frigate bird. Years after, the town took the name Haleiwa. The hotel is long gone but the plantation continues to welcome tourists who want to enjoy its pleasant sandy beach,…


Fragments of Haleiwa History of Oahu’s North Shore

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May 11, 2015

The town existed for the last 50 years. We don’t have very big developments; as a result, you will see a lot of the stores and other places that were built in the late 1800s and the early 1900s. This was the home of thousands of people all the way to around 1800s. There are six rivers that come down, and fresh water springs and ponds, and fine places for…


A Feast for the Haleiwa Arts

May 4, 2015

The Annual Summer Arts Festival is one of the most distinct and flamboyant features of Haleiwa living. Each year, the Haleiwa Hawaii town sees more than a hundred juried visual artists come together to present their original works and limited editions to the public, allowing an avenue to efficiently promote the culture and the arts.   During a usual two-day summer event organized by the Haleiwa Arts Festival, a non-profit…


Why Haleiwa Needs a Town Mascot

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May 2, 2015

Haleiwa with a huge potential for growth. Even though the population of Haleiwa is below 4,000 and most of the town is a rural area, it can easily become the next great vacationing destination. There are beautiful beaches, unique traditions, like music and food, beautiful scenery and a warm atmosphere in Haleiwa which are completely unique. If it was famed, this town would blossom as a center of tourism. People would rush to be the next…