The Top 3 Restaurants in Haleiwa that Didn’t Make it according to Yelp reviews

Haleiwa boasts of a variety of eateries and restaurants that serve the most delectable dishes that would surely tempt the palate. Who wouldn’t be tempted by foods guaranteed to be fresh? Select from seafood, fruits, meat, vegetables and breads, which is all produced by locals. There’s plenty to choose from depending on the kind of dining experience you’re in the mood for. You can try the traditional Hawaiian plate-lunch – consisting of ahi poke, lomi-lomi salmon, kalua pork, pork lau-lau, haupia and two scoops of rice or a plate of grilled freshly-caught shrimp. You have the option to dine in food trucks, lunch wagons, or the colorful eateries along Haleiwa. If you want to experience a more sophisticated ambiance, you can also experience fine dining in town. You can even line up beside the street for shaved ice served in colorful cones.

One can say that the locals are all friendly and hospitable and that most eateries and restaurants serve delicious food. However, there are still establishments that fail customers’ expectations. In fact, listed below are three who have the lowest ratings.

Killer Tacos – 3-star rating
The tacos are great but are just too overpriced. Too much salt on the Kalua pork and the salsa may be a little bland. The friendly staff could have made up for it, but it took so long for the order to be served.

Jameson’s By The Sea – 3-star rating
A great place with an awesome view where the beach just across the street. Didn’t have to wait too long for the food to be served. But the food was not as great as expected. The calamari tasted bland and felt like rubber, and there was too much cheese on the crab and shrimp that it felt like it was just submerged with melted cheese. Food was too pricey.

Cholo’s Homestyle Mexican – 2.5-star rating
Can’t say this place is great and the food certainly wasn’t. They weren’t only bland, they bordered on tasteless. You couldn’t see the shrimp in the shrimp taco, the chicken in their chicken taco didn’t look and tasted like it was broiled, but more like boiled. The hot sauce was not really hot. Friendly staff though and quick service.

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