The Top Three Highest-Rated Restaurants in Haleiwa according to Yelp

No adventure is ever complete without a gastronomic pursuit and discovery especially after basking on a long day at the beach or joining a cultural journey in a Haleiwa vacation. Let me share some restaurants which you absolutely must not miss when in the North Shore:


Offering delightfully fresh and healthy options, not to mention vegetarian and gluten-free, you can’t help but adore this place. It is the perfect option for a light brunch or snacks after swimming, and the smoothies are the best companions for the scorching heat.

Definite must-try is their sandwiches and breads which are freshly baked on-site. Grab a Hungry Hawaiian and pair with a papaya rush smoothie and you’ll travel straight to heaven! Even the acai bowls with mixed-in granolas are tempting! Oh, and with a dollar for a cookie, why not try every variant?

2nd place: OPAL THAI FOOD

This Haleiwa restaurant welcomes you and feeds you like no other. From the very personable Chef Opal who would invite you inside the restaurant with a fist bump or a big hug, literally surprising you with authentic mouthwatering Thai cuisine, there is no other reason why you should not visit this restaurant.

They serve indescribably awesome pork lettuce wraps, pad Thai and Thai style chicken wings. The blend of spices and the variety of flavor all explode in the mouth and that leaves you with a remarkable impression and basically, just hunger for more.

Opal Thai Food has very limited seating so make sure you arrive early or call for a reservation.

1st place: DAT CAJUN GUY

I have never dreamt that I’d find love on a food truck.

But that is exactly what happened between me and Haleiwa Dat Cajun Guy. With a sinking heart landing on my hungry stomach, because apparently his me-time was every Sunday and Wednesday, I still took a risk and anxiously went for a date.

But how could he has known that a spicy, tasty and hearty jambalaya will secure him a second date (but most certainly, second helpings for me)? I knew the big portions and affordable price of the Po Boy shrimp also helped with that but nothing quite made me fall harder than the fluffy pillow of heaven that is the beignet. Boasting with authentic Cajun and creole cooking, Dat Cajun Guy also offered me sweet potato fries, fried okra and red beans among others. Every single thing made me fall deeper, including the overflowing sweet tea.

Oh but till then, excuse me while I reconcile myself to the fact that my love story with Dat Cajun Guy can only exist five days a week, between 10:30 AM – 4:00 PM.

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Top Three Highest-Rated Restaurants in Haleiwa according to Yelp
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