Why Does Housing in Haleiwa Cost More than Half A Million Dollars?

It was 2012 when the census estimated and released the standing of the cost of living and housing here in Haleiwa which concluded to be very expensive. According to the statistics, the price of a house situated in our city is around $540,000 and the rent per month is more than a thousand dollars. Having these information and compared with the average housing cost in the whole state and country, our city was classified as above average.
With about 3 persons in a household, the Haleiwa living is considered as a very costly lifestyle because aside from the expensive housing, the costs of other goods and services here are also expensive. For instance, a cup of coffee here is $7.77, which is 45.7% higher compared to the average cost of coffee in other parts of Hawaii and even the entire country. Same goes with other goods such as dairy and meat products, fruits and vegetables, other beverages, and even energy-related goods.
It is known that Haleiwa is one of the attractions our state has. Haleiwa Tourists are attracted not only to the Haleiwa events during holidays, but also to the fancy and luxurious Haleiwa living. Because of its popularity and high level of tourism, the cost of living becomes expensive. Unlike the reasons of other places with high cost of living, our city doesn’t have a poor supply-and-demand relationship. The supply of the goods, not to mention the adequate services, is sufficient to answer back the demands of the people residing here.
It may seem to be a downside of the city but the residents should not worry about it. Why? Because of the fact that the level of tourism in the city is still high despite the high cost of living. Moreover, our rich tourism still attracts more businessmen who want to put up house rentals for the travelers. They don’t actually mind if the housing is comparatively expensive because the income is also high. This has proven and many job opportunities have opened to our residents.
Even though our city has a strong economic status, we must still be hardworking enough to maintain our rich tourism. Whether we continue organizing extravagant Haleiwa events or develop a more vibrant culture, we must always contribute to the betterment of our city.

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