Why Haleiwa Needs a Town Mascot

Haleiwa with a huge potential for growth. Even though the population of Haleiwa is below 4,000 and most of the town is a rural area, it can easily become the next great vacationing destination. There are beautiful beaches, unique traditions, like music and food, beautiful scenery and a warm atmosphere in Haleiwa which are completely unique. If it was famed, this town would blossom as a center of tourism. People would rush to be the next in line for a Haleiwa vacation. And a mascot is a time-tested, cheap and fun way to create exposure and increase recognition. The way to fulfill its potential is to promote Haleiwa so the town obviously needs a mascot. To create awareness, a town mascot could be entered into competitions, featured on memorabilia and be an attraction for kids. Its main benefit, in our day and age, would be the media exposure. At community events and celebrations, the mascot would be photographed and filmed. The right photo or a funny video could go viral on the internet, skyrocketing awareness about the town. Also, the mascot might be filmed for TV or have a feature photo in print media.


The biggest reason mascots have been a successful marketing strategy for so long is their appeal to the human psyche. Since it can be customized in almost any way, the mascot’s personality can distinguish a town and its mood. For example, the town of Port Deposit, which is built around a research facility specializing in endangered species, adopted a graphically designed turtle as their mascot. It shows their appreciation for rare animals and their technology-shaped culture.


A mascot would attract new people to Haleiwa. Families would be more likely to vacation at a place which is more kid-friendly. Additionally, the increase in tourism may inspire businesses to expand into the town. Haleiwa would be perfect for small seasonal business like swimming schools, native tours and maybe even a small water park. Having a theme would create brand recognition for the businesses, and serve as a way to show customers what values they represent. Since the most effective theme for Haleiwa would be a mascot, the town clearly needs one as soon as possible.

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